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Research Spotlight: Measuring Vehicle Exhaust Standards Over Time

Analytics at Wharton provides funding to a wide variety of research initiatives. In this research spotlight, we profile Arthur van Benthem, Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy and co-director of the Wharton Climate Center, on his research into vehicle exhaust standards over time. Read More

Wharton Women in Analytics 2023

Wharton Women in Analytics

This March, Analytics at Wharton celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by showcasing business analytics leaders, pioneering researchers, and risings data science superstars. Read More

Penn Wrestling Partners with Wharton Neuroscience Initiative to Win Mind Games

The University of Pennsylvania Quakers are learning how to make every minute on the mat count, thanks to a unique collaboration with the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative (WiN). They recently completed a project using patented biometric sensors that captured a wealth of data on the physical and mental performance of the wrestlers as they fatigued. Read More

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