Corporate Partnership Opportunities

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Our innovative partnerships accelerate your company’s digital transformation and develop data-driven leaders with the latest advances in AI, machine learning, neuroscience, and business intelligence, using our global consortium of academics, students, and industry practitioners.


Accelerated Business Transformation

Examine a specific business question as you grow your AI, ML, and data analytics capabilities

Talent Sourcing and Development

Collaborate on a project to engage with and source top talent for recruiting and employee development

Global Leadership Network

Work with faculty, industry experts, and our largest network of data-driven leaders through programs and events

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Analytics at Wharton Partnerships

Start your relationship with Analytics at Wharton by attending flagship events, networking with AAW community members across our centers, and participating in potential speaking engagements. 

Event Partnerships

Establish your presence at one of our many conferences and seminars, and enjoy event-specific perks. 

Thought Leadership Partnerships

Partner with us on short-term (one or two-year) collaborations that aim to inform practice and/or the public at large. 

Research Partnerships

Establish a student or faculty research project over the course of 2 years to provide actionable business insights and solutions.

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