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Our programs partner with organizations across a broad range of industries to understand their business challenges and use data analytics to develop solutions. Our faculty and students work with companies, non-profits, and government agencies to generate data-driven insights and create real business value through an array of research projects, experiential learning programs, and events.

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Analytics at Wharton

Recruiting Guide for Organizations

Are you interested in recruiting top data and analytics talent from Wharton and Penn? We have pulled together resources from across the University that will provide you with information on how to gain visibility, find the perfect candidate, and attract students to your organization.

AI at Wharton

AI at Wharton helps bring AI innovation to the marketplace and supports AI-driven digital transformation efforts. AIW partners with companies and organizations that want to foster greater knowledge of AI to accelerate insights across the enterprise.

People Analytics

Wharton People Analytics partners with dynamic organizations across a range of industries to understand how character, culture, collaboration, and career paths impact the organization and their employees. WPA’s research processes range from analysis of existing data sources, to carefully designed assessment studies and experiments.

Sports Analytics and Business Initiative

When C-suite executives look for academic sports analytics and business insights, they reach out to Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative. WSABI faculty and students conduct numerous research projects for top organizations in the sports industry annually.

Wharton Neuroscience

Wharton Neuroscience applies the resources of faculty and students to the real needs and challenges of government, NGOs, industry, foundations, and corporations to create real impact and translate research discoveries into on-the-ground business solutions.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

From the classroom to the boardroom, WRDS enables comprehensive thought leadership — access to key data sources, innovative analytics tools, research guides, flexible data delivery, and doctoral-level support gives users the power to analyze complex information.

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The Wharton Partnership

Resources to build your organization’s relationship to Wharton

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Recruiting at Wharton

Explore best practices and opportunities available to organizations to recruit top talent from The Wharton School

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Experience powerful programs expertly delivered by Wharton’s world-class faculty. Our live, synchronous format delivers a rigorous, interactive learning environment, a high level of peer engagement and networking, and direct access to faculty.

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