Analytics at Wharton

Our programs, comprised of research initiatives across the Wharton School, are united in their fundamental core value – using analytics to create impact. Our programs rely on gifts from individual donors, corporations, and foundations and academic subscribers to support and further their mission. They engage with diverse audiences including policy makers, academic researchers, government officials, industry professionals, prospective and current students and alumni through events, learning opportunities, and research programs.

Our Programs

The merging of these programs under Analytics at Wharton creates a unique opportunity to use an interdisciplinary approach to enable thought leadership across diverse and complex industries in the areas of data analysis, data resources and tools, evidence-based research, and responsible use of data to influence policy and business outcomes and ultimately benefit individuals, organizations, and society.

AI for Business

AI at Wharton

Examining advanced analytics and human-AI collaboration and their impact on companies, consumers, and society.

Computational Social Science for Business

Uniting computer science, statistics, and social science to solve challenging real-world problems using digital data and platforms.

Penn Wharton Budget Model

Penn Wharton Budget Model

Enabling the public to access transparent, non-partisan, and research-based analysis of the fiscal impact of U.S. public policy and legislation.

Wharton People Analytics

People Analytics

Advancing the practice of people analytics and evidence-based management to help individuals and organizations

Wharton Neuroscience Initiative

Wharton Neuroscience

Exploring neuroscience for precision in marketing and finance, identification of talent, enhancement of performance, and advancement of human potential.

Sports Analytics and Business Initiative

Applying data-driven decision-making to find new understanding of the evolving sports business industry.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

Leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform for global institutions, enabling thought leadership, historical analysis, and insight.