We unite the School’s trail-blazing teaching, research, and industry engagement initiatives that use data to improve decision-making and generate actionable business insights.

Technical Workshops for Students

Analytics at Wharton is hosting the following workshops to teach the latest AI and coding practices, descriptive and predictive analytics, A/B testing methodology, and more. Register today to secure your spot!

What Our Brain Activity Reveals About Improving Workplace Culture

In a unique collaboration, the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and consulting firm Slalom measured the brain activity of employees to uncover more about improving workplace culture, teamwork, productivity, and more.

Wharton Professor’s SCEPTRE Tool Helps Link Genetics to Disease Risk

It’s not often the case that statisticians have an advanced understanding of genomics, but it’s exactly this combination of expertise that has Eugene Katsevich, assistant professor of statistics and data science at the Wharton School, making waves with his team’s new software package, SCEPTRE.

Wharton Sports Analytics Research Lab – Student Spotlight

For most students, the transition from spring to summer presents an opportunity to wrap up finals, close their textbooks, and enjoy a relaxing few months before starting back up again. That’s not quite the case for students in the Wharton Sports Analytics Research Lab (WSARL), a new offering from the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative (WSABI), created for select undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Analytics at Wharton brings together seven programs at the School – AI at Wharton, Computational Social Science for Business, Penn Wharton Budget Model, People Analytics, Wharton Neuroscience, Wharton Research Data Services, and Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative.
Our programs are united in their fundamental core value – using analytics to create impact.
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Analytics News

US debt-ceiling deal averts disaster, but savings might be less than advertised

Penn Wharton Budget Model estimates Biden’s signature green-energy tax breaks could cost the government up to $1 trillion, more than three times the original estimate.

FTX Auditors Doubled as Crypto Industry Cheerleaders

Dan Taylor, faculty director of Wharton Forensic Analytics Lab, weighs in on the significant deficiencies in FTX’s internal controls.

Recruiters ineffective unless a big career change

Recruitment firms do not help professionals to make big changes in their careers, according to research conducted by Matthew Bidwell, faculty co-direct of Wharton People Analytics, and others.

Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness plan could cost up to $519 billion, according to new analysis

According to research from the Penn Wharton Budget Model, student loan forgiveness will be anything but “free.”

Deepfake Technology Is Now a Threat to Everyone. What Do We Do?

Deepfake scams are becoming more common, thanks to a number of free deepfake apps that are just a Google search away.

To Make Better Hires, Learn What Predicts Success

Learn how Cade Massey, Faculty Co-Director of The Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative, turned to baseball to rethink recruiting.

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