Analytics at Wharton unites the School’s trail-blazing teaching, research, and industry engagement initiatives that use data to improve decision-making and generate actionable business insights.

Analytics at Wharton brings together seven existing programs at the School – AI for Business, Customer Analytics, Penn Wharton Budget Model, People Analytics, Wharton Neuroscience, Wharton Research Data Services, and Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative.
Led by Eric T. Bradlow, Vice Dean of Analytics, the K.P Chao Professor and Professor of Marketing, Economics, Education, and Statistics, chair of Wharton’s Marketing Department, and co-founder of Wharton Customer Analytics, Analytics at Wharton invests in new ideas and opportunities to expand the impact of big data analytics on research, curriculum, and industry and alumni engagement.

Our Programs

Our programs, comprised of research initiatives across the Wharton School, are united in their fundamental core value – using analytics to create impact.

26 Projects Funded
46 Associated Faculty
6 Analytics Student Clubs

Analytics News

CDO Magazine’s 2021 Leading Academic Data Leaders

CDO Magazine names Vice Dean Eric T. Bradlow among its 2021 list of leading academic data leaders in the field of data and analytics.

The Role of Officer Race and Gender in Police-Civilian Interactions in Chicago

Diversification is a widely proposed policing reform, but its impact is difficult to assess, until now.

Data Science is a Field Full of Opportunity

Women in leadership roles at IKEA Digital, Facebook, and Poshmark share tips on how to succeed in the field.

A New Home for Analytics at Wharton

Located in the bustling heart of the Wharton campus, the Wharton Academic Research Building (WARB) will bring innovative teaching and research activities in data and analytics under one roof, providing an ideal environment for collaboration between industry and academic thought leaders.

Wharton Academic Research Building - Aerial View

Rendering:  Aerial View

Wharton Academic Research Building - 37th Street Walkway

Rendering:  View from 37th Street Walkway

Wharton Academic Research Building - Woodland Walk View

Rendering: Woodland Walk View

Wharton Academic Research Building - Atrium View

Rendering:  Atrium View

Wharton Academic Research Building - View from Spruce Street

Rendering:  View from Spruce

Wharton Academic Research Building - Overlook View

Rendering:  Overlook View

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“I see analytics as being directly in Wharton’s historical quantitative sweet spot but expanding it in different industries where the data now exists.”

Prof. Eric T. Bradlow, Vice Dean of Analytics, Chairperson of the Marketing Department, The K.P. Chao Professor; Professor of Marketing

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