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Wharton People Analytics advances the practice of evidence-based management to help people and organizations thrive, together. Our work focuses on conducting innovative, impactful scholarship, translating research into practice, and educating the next generation of organizational leaders.


Research is the intellectual backbone of Wharton People Analytics. We partner with organizations across a range of industries to understand how character, culture, and career paths affect people and performance.


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Wharton People Analytics Conference

Wharton People Analytics Conference is the premier conference of its kind, bringing together prominent business leaders, thought leaders, academic experts, and students to advance the practice of people analytics and the research that fuels it.

The Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab

The Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab connects students and organizations to put people analytics to work through an array of highly competitive opportunities, including internships, field projects, and the planning of our annual conference.

Can AI Make You a Better Manager?

While workers are looking at AI to boost their productivity, so are managers. Wharton professors Matthew Bidwell and Sonny Tambe join Eric Bradlow, vice dean of Analytics at Wharton, to discuss AI’s transformation of human resources, offering guidance for managers and decision-makers on ways to leverage AI to improve the workplace while dealing with uncertainty and other rising concerns. This interview is part of a special 10-part series called “AI in Focus.”

Our Leadership

Matthew Bidwell - Wharton People Analytics

Matthew Bidwell

Professor of Management at the Wharton School

Laura Zarrow - Wharton People Analytics

Laura Zarrow

Executive Director, Host of Women@Work
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Companies and Not-For-Profit Organizations

For the first time in history, business leaders can make decisions about their people based on deep analysis of data rather than relying solely on the traditional methods of intuition and experience. Whether it’s through a large-scale collaborative research project, the Wharton Analytics Fellows, our annual conference, or People Lab, we are always open to new opportunities to partner with, learn from and serve external organizations. Interested organizations are invited to contact us here.

Penn/Wharton Students

The Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab hosts a number of extracurricular opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to develop skills in putting people analytics to use, while deepening their understanding of the role that people analytics plays in helping individuals and organizations thrive.

Course Opportunities

MBA Course

MGMT793 People Analytics
Recent years have seen a growing movement to bring more science to how we manage people. In some cases, that means ensuring that whatever practices and approaches we adopt are backed up by solid evidence on their effectiveness. Often, organizations will seek to go further, analyzing their own data to identify problems and learn what is working and what is not in their own context. This course applies people analytics insights to help students become better managers and more critical analysts within their organizations.

The course aims to develop students in three specific ways. First, it will provide students with an up-to-the-date grounding in current evidence about managing people, providing a knowledge base that can ensure that their future management is guided by best practices. Second, we will develop the skills and understanding necessary to be thoughtful, critical consumers of evidence on people management, allowing them to make the most of the analysis available to them as they make people decisions. Third, we will provide guidance and practice in conducting people analytics, preparing students to gather data of their own, and making them more skilled analysts. We will pursue these goals through a mixture of lecture, case discussion, and hands on exploration of a variety of data sets.

Executive Education

People Analytics: HR Transformation through Data
This course is a first-of-its-kind program that combines the power of Wharton analytics expertise with the vital talent management industry for meaningful, measurable results. Discover how and when to use data to build analytics capabilities, improve the quality of talent, and impact organizational culture. Join Professors Cade Massey and Matthew Bidwell to experience a true learning laboratory with executives from all over the world.

Our Online Community

People Analytics on Coursera
In this course, three of Wharton’s top professors—all pioneers in the field of people analytics—explore techniques used to recruit, motivate, and retain great people, and demonstrate how these techniques are used at cutting-edge companies. They’ll explain how data and sophisticated analysis is brought to bear on people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration. Organizations flourish when the people who work in them flourish. Analytics can help make both happen. This course in People Analytics is designed to help you flourish in your career, too.


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