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For Industry Professionals

AI & Analytics for Business Corporate Partnership Program

Our innovative partnership program accelerates your company’s digital transformation and develops data-driven leaders with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and business intelligence, using our global consortium of academics, students and industry practitioners.

Executive Education Course

Customer Analytics for Growth Using Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data will sharpen your analytics mindset, enabling you to bridge any knowledge gap that may exist between your data science teams and the C-suite. Here you will learn how to convert model-based recommendations into actionable insights and better managerial decisions.

Wharton Interactive – “Machine Learning for Business Decision” Game

Wharton Interactive draws on simulations, games, and the latest pedagogical research to create cutting edge learning experiences that are designed to transform and democratize education

Wharton Online – Business Analytics Program

Wharton’s online Business Analytics Specialization arms managers and leaders with the tools needed to break away from the pack. Learn how to turn data into a competitive advantage for your organization, and in the process develop valuable skills that can help you reach new levels of success in your career.